Easy Peasy Mini Halloween Pizza

With Halloween decorations appearing all over my neighborhood, there’s no doubt that the spookiest season of the year has arrived! My kids love Halloween, and one of their favorite parts is trying to figure out how to make everything in their life Halloween-y—including their food! With Halloween pizza, I hit the Halloween food jackpot!

First of all, it’s pizza. You can’t go wrong with pizza and kids! Not only are these Halloween pizzas cheesy and loaded with toppings, but they’re also fun to make, and you can easily include your kids. They’ll love helping you put the toppings on to create the spookiest ghosts, pumpkins, and witches they can, turning dinner into a fun family activity.

Two pumpkin shaped pepperoni pizzas on a slate serving board.

How do I make my pizza into Halloween shapes?

These Halloween pizzas look awesome when they’re done, and it’s actually really easy to get the cool Halloween shapes. The secret is to use large Halloween-shaped cookie cutters! But if you can’t find any that are large enough, you can also cut out whatever shapes you want with a sharp knife. Some great options are pumpkins and ghosts because they have a large, mostly round shape that’s easy to decorate.

If you can’t find cookie cutters and don’t want to freehand the shapes, don’t worry, you can still make Halloween pizza by getting creative with your toppings. Try using half an olive as the body of a spider with strips of bell pepper for its legs. You could also make a spider pizza using round pepperoni slices for the spider bodies, strips of pepperoni for the spider legs, and onion strips or string cheese for the spider web.

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What kind of pizza dough should I use for my Halloween pizza?

Any kind you want! Whether you’re using whole wheat dough, gluten-free almond flour pizza dough, or regular store-bought dough, this recipe will taste delicious. Customizability is one of the best parts of making this Halloween pizza!

Serving adorably spooky ghost shaped pizzas with black olive circles for eyes on a slate board.

What other ingredients do I need?

The ingredients for this pizza are really based on personal preference. There are so many Halloween pizza ideas out there in terms of toppings. This recipe uses a traditional pizza sauce with pepperoni slices cut into eyes and triangles for the jack-o’-lanterns and sliced black olives for the eyes of the ghosts.

How do we make mini Halloween pizza?

Halloween pizza is simple enough that your kids can be involved in most of the preparation. Depending on their ages, you’ll want to chop the veggies and pepperoni ahead of time before calling them into the kitchen. To make these pizzas:

Collage of six steps to make easy mini pizzas for halloween. A text overlay reads, "How to Make Mini Halloween Pizzas."

  1. Prepare your oven by preheating it to 425°F and get your baking sheets ready by lining them with parchment paper.
  2. Flour a flat surface, so the dough doesn’t stick, then roll it out.
  3. Use large cookie cutters to cut your fun Halloween shapes (you can also use a knife to freehand the shapes if needed)!
  4. Spread your sauce, then follow it with the shredded cheese.
  5. Add your toppings! This is where imagination takes over. Try cutting olives in half for eyes, or slicing pepperonis to look like crescent moons or sharp teeth for your jack-o-lantern.
  6. Bake for 10-11 minutes, or until the crust is nice and crispy and the cheese has melted.
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My kid doesn’t like pizza sauce/pepperoni—what are some other topping ideas?

Instead of using pizza sauce, why not try using a green pesto? This would give a really spooky look to witch, zombie, or Frankenstein-shaped Halloween pizzas. You could also use barbecue sauce to create a spooky black cat Halloween pizza.

In terms of toppings, the sky’s the limit. You’re definitely not stuck with pepperoni and olive slices. Try arranging bell peppers, tomatoes, or mushrooms into face shapes for your pizzas. You could also use shredded chicken and strips of cheese to create a mummy pizza! Get your kid’s input on this one. Ask them what type of spooky Halloween pizza they’d like to create, then use their favorite pizza toppings to decorate their mini pizzas.

Halloween pizzas on a baking sheet.

How do I make enough pizzas for a crowd?

I love this Halloween pizza recipe because you can easily double it to feed a crowd. The original recipe makes six or seven mini pizzas using large cookie cutters. I find this amount perfect for my family’s pre-trick or treat dinner. But Halloween pizzas also make a great treat to bring to a Halloween party. If you want to double the recipe, use two large pizza doughs and double the amount of sauce and toppings you’ll need.

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